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Blueprint (ˈblo͞oˌprint) n. A detailed plan or program of action

Imagine the use of your personal and financial resources representing a blueprint on moving your goals and objectives forward. At PJS Investment Management our focus is designing, building, and monitoring your personal investment blueprint that will allow you to make financial decisions in the proper order, moving you to your desired destination.

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Our services are comprehensive, client-centric and team-based. We will work with you to develop, implement and monitor a strategy that is tailored to your specific short- and long-term goals in two areas of personal finance: Financial Planning and Investment Management.



Helping you and your loved ones explore their financial goals.



Review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation.



Create a tailored, purpose-driven investment strategy that’s right for you.



Explore steps to consider pursuing the retirement you want.



Manage your affairs during your lifetime and beyond.

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When our passionate and innovative founder, Philip J. Schmidt, started as an independent, fee-only investment adviser over 40 years ago, his goal was to offer investment counsel that was in the best interest for his clients. We continue that philosophy today: to offer honest investment advice based on what is best for our clients while promoting healthy investment behavior and helping clients feel comfortable as they navigate financial decisions based on their life goals.

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Wealth Advisers

Patrick N. Sommerfield, CFA

President, CIO, Wealth Adviser

Jason S. Lacey, CFA, CFP®, AEP® 

Executive Vice-President, Wealth Adviser

Scott M. Conger, CIMA®, AAMS®

Director, Wealth Adviser

Client Services

Kelly S. Merten

Operations Manager, Portfolio Accounting Manager

Joyce C. Bielefeld

Client Relationship Manager

Teresa Sigler

Client Relationship Associate


Ann E. Volesky

Executive Assistant

Kelly A. Herian

Operations Specialist

Emily E. Parchim

Portfolio Manager Assistant and Trading Specialist

Brenda Feinberg

Portfolio Accountant

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