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Whether your investment experience qualifies as novice, expert, or somewhere in between, PJS Investment Management welcomes the opportunity to assist you with your investment management and comprehensive financial planning needs.

We find that clients who get the most value out of working with us do so across the entirety of their financial questions and life goals. Our relationships with clients tend to have a long life and deepen over time as we get to know each other. They are relationships built on sharing stories about goals, values and life-long dreams, all the things that make up a well-lived life. Explore the clients' stories below to get an idea of how we meet and help people where they are in life. There are hundreds more like them, each unique and each as important as the next.

Whatever your age, level of experience, level of education, or financial situation, there is always a next step. Let us help you take it.

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Increasingly Complex Financial Situation:

George and Jane's financial life continues to gain momentum. They both currently work while also raising their two children. They have always been good savers, are beginning to accumulate wealth, and are ready to enlist the help of a professional.

For George and Jane, PJS Investment Management’s comprehensive investment approach helps them:

  • Initiate a plan for saving through retirement with a high degree of confidence that their assets will last through their retirement years, with regular check-ins and necessary adjustments.
  • Organize their investment assets into an integrated, easy-to-navigate portfolio that suits their goals and needs.
  • Create a cash flow plan to get the family through the childrens' college years.
  • Work with their existing attorney or recommend an estate planning attorney who will help them organize their estate in a way that is appropriate for their current circumstances as well as their future plans.


New to Investing:

Susan has limited investing experience but her financial situation has changed significantly in recent years. She has a good job with good benefits, her children have graduated from college, and she has inherited a sizable sum from her father.

For Susan, PJS Investment Management's comprehensive investment approach helps her:

  • Create a spending plan that matches her new level of resources, with regular check-ins over the years to make sure she is on track and making adjustments in a regular, measured way.
  • Determine the best way to offer her kids help as they transition to lives of their own. 
  • Develop projections which express a high degree of confidence that her money will last through her lifetime. All of her income sources will be taken into account, including:pension, Social Security, and investment asset cash flow.
  • Work together to design and implement an investment portfolio, bringing together her retirement savings and her inherited assets.



Ready for a New Direction

John is an avid investor and enjoys being a part of the process.  He has been working with his current advisors for years and has come to like them personally, but their investment strategy no longer seems to align with his goals. He is also interested in lowering his costs without sacrificing service.  

For John, PJS Investment Management’s comprehensive investment approach helps him:

  • Establish an investing strategy that is built around John's goals, needs, and preferences. 
  • Build a clear and consistent investment advisory relationship that welcomes open communication and frequent contact.
  • Integrate his various accounts in order to create a cohesive portfolio that operates as a single unit.
  • Engage in meetings both in person and over the phone ensuring the advisory team is always up to date on John's situation and ready to make necessary and/or requested adjustments.

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We need to Make Sure it Lasts:

Lisa and David are in the process of readying themselves for retirement. After decades of working and saving, they are nervous and excited for this major life transition. 

For Lisa and David, PJS Investment Management's comprehensive investment approach helps them:

  • View the big picture in terms of how to make their money last through retirement.
  • Build a budget for monthly and periodic spending that clearly identifies all expenditures.
  • Establish regular withdrawals from their portfolio which will allow them to confidently enjoy the earnings they have saved for so long.
  • Review their accounts easily and intuitively in order to maintain their goals and reassess as needed.


It's a Whole New Life:

Angela is getting divorced after twenty-two years of marriage and is anticipating a financial settlement that she expects she will need to supplement her current and future living expenses. She will also be responsible for running, and possibly selling, the business that she and her ex-husband started together. 

For Angela, PJS Investment Management’s comprehensive investment approach helps her:

  • Set some liquid assets aside for a period of transition and uncertainty where she may have unanticipated expenses.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of running, selling, and/or developing a succession plan for the business, while balancing the emotional aspects with a more analytical long-term financial perspective.
  • Develop and implement a plan for her investment portfolio that will supply her cash-flow needs once she decides to step away from her business.
  • Work with her current accountant and estate planning attorney or recommend one to work with so she can build her own relationships for tax and estate advice as she finishes moving through this life transition.