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“I think my life experiences have helped me be a resource to clients as they face life challenges. The level of service we provide clients clearly differentiates PJS.  Clients who are getting to know us are pleasantly surprised by the extra measures that we take to serve them.  They trust us and I believe that in this changing world, trust is something we all are looking for, especially when it comes to wealth management."

- Joyce C. Bielefeld, Client Relationship Manager

What we offer:

As a fee-only independent registered investment adviser firm, PJS Investment Management is held to the fiduciary standard of care. This highest standard of industry excellence extends not only to the advice we provide, but to the services we offer each individual we serve.

Our services are comprehensive, client-centric and team-based. We will work with you to develop, implement and monitor a strategy that is tailored to your specific short- and long-term goals in two areas of personal finance: Financial Planning and Investment Management.

Our Financial Planning Approach:

During the first year of a client relationship, we typically cover all major areas of financial planning analysis. This is done in order of importance to the client and the client’s situation, and allows for time-sensitive issues to be addressed immediately. Over the course of several meetings, clients become more grounded in their financial situation, at which point new issues may emerge. As we work together with our clients over many years, we will refresh planning work as needed. In addition, we routinely check in on all the major financial planning areas of clients’ lives, depending on the level of importance that each area has for that particular client.

Summary of Services Included:

Investment Management

Professional and discipline asset management with a purpose.

Holistic Financial Planning

Comprehensive review of your financial picture and develop a plan to reach your goals.

Tax Planning

Assisting tax advisors with planning particularly when it comes to investments.

Estate Planning

Assisting estate planning attorneys to manage assets throughout lifetime toward a desired outcome.

Insurance Assessment

Helping assess the need for insurance and analyzing existing insurance policies.

Life Transition Assistance

  • Loss of a spouse and needing a partner in new financial responsibilities
  • Divorce
  • Selling a business
  • IPO or other sudden accumulation event
  • Receiving an inheritance and faced with new complexity and opportunity
  • Marriage, getting started on the right path together
  • Birth of a child and/or grandchild

Education Planning 

Planning for and saving for major education expenses.

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