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Why We're Different

“I like knowing that what I do impacts clients as they reach their financial goals. We are small enough to have that one-to-one relationship with clients and we really get to know them. Our small company in a small town makes us unique and clients seek that.”

Emily E. Parchim, Portfolio Manager Assistant and Trading Specialist

Our founder, Philip J. Schmitt, who started the business over 40 years ago out of his house, established the principal that would become the foundation for everything that followed – do what is best for the client. He wanted his clients to know how much he cared and that he was doing what they asked him to do, and we continue that philosophy today.

From the minute clients begin working with us, we want them to feel comfortable and confident. We are based in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, a small town north of Milwaukee, which lends itself to our personalized approach. Our team is experienced, skilled, cohesive and collaborative. When a client calls they can have confidence the voice on the other end of the phone knows who they are. Consequently, in a very short period of time, clients become family.

PJS Investment Management, Inc. serves clients in many different states and countries. This speaks to the personal service given to each client and their families, regardless of the number of miles from our home base of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. While technology certainly has aided our efforts to stay close to our clients, we are told that our keen attention to our clients’ needs makes all the difference.

We realize that when it comes to choosing a wealth management firm, you have a range of possibilities from which to choose. At PJS Investment Management, we believe we could be your best possibility. By providing consistent high-quality service that is aligned with our mission and characterized by our four pillars of distinction listed below.

Client Centered Relationships:

We offer a positive, transparent, and client- centered experience.

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    We are independent of the conflicts of interest that prevail in many investment operations that exist within banks, insurance companies, and large Wall Street firms. We strive to always provide advice that is in harmony of our clients’ goals and objectives. A clear line of communication, face-to-face interaction and continued full-team support, transforms your financial uncertainty into absolute peace of mind.

Customized Investment Management:

When it comes to investing, confidence is key.

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    We provide a purpose-driven, customized tactical investment management approach across all areas of a client’s assets. This approach is tailored to your specific goals and tolerance for risk as outlined in your personal Investment Policy Statement. Actively managed portfolios include; thematic investing, socially responsible investing, and portfolios with concentrated positions and low cost basis positions. Our experience and a high-touch, team-based approach, assures you are in possession of your own key to investment confidence at all times.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning:

We deliver long-term, holistic financial planning that seeks to protect and preserve your life’s work.

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    We address your immediate concerns and questions, and develop long‐term plans intended to give you relief from worry and indecision. As your experienced financial planner, we take a personalized approach to your needs, goals, and interests and are committed to meeting you where you are along your life’s path. Areas we help our clients with planning might be: review of financial situation, life transitions, collaborative relationships with other financial professionals, and comprehensive retirement planning.

Specialized Team Approach:

Every client has the support and guidance of not only their lead portfolio advisor, but of our entire team of resources.

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    Our firm is built on the talent and dedication of our team and each of us - through our specific set of skills and areas of expertise - is focused on providing the highest level of service to our clients. Every client has the support and guidance of not only their advisor, but of our entire team of resources.

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