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What we offer:

A comprehensive wealth planning and investment management relationship is based on the understanding of your needs and values and earning your trust. At PJS Investment Management our primary objective is most often focused on investment and risk management to meet current or future cash-flow needs. We believe it is also critical to the overall financial goals of our clients to work with other professional advisors to make sure they receive the best advice on such topics as trust and estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, and retirement benefits.

We will work with you to develop, implement, and monitor an investment strategy tailored to your specific investment and cash-flow needs. We also provide detailed, customized, quarterly reports including your personal portfolio performance, economic commentary and market updates.

Summary of Services Included:


Investment Management:

  • Discuss investment expectations, tolerance for risk, and investment and retirement time horizon.
  • Review and analyze existing holdings, needs, and financial circumstances.
  • Develop specific and tax-appropriate investment suggestions and prepare the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) outlining a client’s objectives and strategy.
  • Begin building individually tailored and tactical investment portfolios.
  • Continually review and adjust portfolio in response to new opportunities and changes in economic outlook.
  • Quarterly performance reports including: individual holdings, performance, cash additions/withdrawals, income received, realized capital gains.
  • Direct access to our portfolio management team to discuss portfolio activity, investment outlook, and our strategy.



Financial Planning: 

  • Comprehensive overview of finances.
  • Develop present and future financial objectives.
  • Specific advice in all areas of personal finance.
  • Referral to experts in complementary fields.



Tax Planning: 

  • Reviewing your tax returns to better understand your current financial situation.
  • Work with your accountant or recommend one if needed.
  • Inform you of changes in the tax law that may affect your financial and investment plan.
  • Track cost basis and provide an annual summary to make your tax preparation easier.



Cash-Flow Planning: 

  • Develop and track your budget.
  • Determine the extent to which you are living within or beyond your income.
  • Determine how much you can safely spend and how much you need to save.
  • How to convert portfolio wealth to income in retirement.
  • Determine from which accounts you will receive retirement distributions so as to keep you in a consistently low tax bracket as possible.



Insurance Planning: 

  • Review current insurance coverage.
  • Refer you to an insurance agent or work with your current agent to identify potential weaknesses in coverage.



Estate Planning: 

  • Compile data and identify potential estate planning issues.
  • Work with your attorney or recommend one if need.
  • Go with you to the attorney’s office and/or work with the attorney on your behalf.
  • Update titles and beneficiary designations.


What it costs:

PJS Investment Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. What this means is that we do not work on commission but rather charge an annual fee based on the total market value of the portfolio. You may review our Firm Brochure for our current fee-schedule. Additional information, including fees, can be found by searching using our firm's CRD number, 104701